Some good advices on representation opening.

Place choice

Is better to sell in the place of the  maximum quantity of potential customers. For example, near to computer shops or the services-centres, in crowded streets, near radio markets, in business centres. To start work you can  rent the small area from 6 square metres. It can be both a sublease in computer shop, and separate office

You will need a table, a computer, show-window  for demonstration of CISS, ink, photo paper, a place for store of printers with CISS and systems (1,5-3 sq.m.), a place for advertising (a flag, 2 posters), a table for CISS installation.

Consider of customer's attracting. For example, if there is an exit on street, agree about  a banner on a building facade (by the way, we will make it for free ). If a place hardly away from street, think over where to place a pavement sign or  an arrow to your shop. The easier it will be to get,  the  more  potential customers you will receive.


Remember, that about your openning now only you and we. But clients do not know. Therefore in the first months of work it is necessary to give a maximum of efforts to an active search of clients. The part of clients will come to you through a site, the part will come through polygraphy but if wish to earn much, it is necessary to attract customers by the other methods. More details in section "Marketing"  training.


At the first stage you need 1 person who will work with clients . It is very important, that this person is technically knows CISS and the other kinds of production INKSYSTEM, is sociable enough and polite with clients, and has motivation to reception of the high salary worked on search of new clients even in your absence. If the client will serve badly, in the second time it will not come any more. If it will be pleasant to the client, he will come another time and recommend you to the acquaintances, it is the best advertising.

First steps with INKSYSTEM

1. Choose the Concept which most of all approaches your purposes. We offer some ready directions of work, however  consider that to reach the third concept  you need to pass two previous.

2. Fill in the applicatoim form of the new representative, specify interesting questions, agree about training date, be prepared for the beginning of new business (a place, money, staff, furniture and office equipment).

3. Generate the first order, be trained, sign the Contract and start to earn together with us!
You can fill in an application form here.

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