The answer to this question depends on you the company not only does not limit, but also encourages active partners (discounts, new clients, additional kinds of earnings for the most successful representatives).

For beginning business in the sphere of office equipment, a person who only starts working and gets clients, can start selling 30 CISS per month + ink and photo paper for clients who bought CISS before. On average partners charge 24-40 USD extra, thus monthly income will be 1 000-1 200 USD. Having reached this indicator, you can enter a new stage.

If you represent a computer shop, technical support center or a cartridge refilling store, your monthly income can reach 2 000 USD, and sometimes more than 40 000 USD! To maximise your income we recommend you update the product range, notify buyers about new supplies, advertise, use the discount program. A lot of successful (and unsuccessful:) marketing instruments you can learn during training.
In general, the profit earning schedule looks like this: we begin cooperation, you receive the goods, cover expenses, start to make profit.
Further, you increase sales and search for sub dealers in your city. After that you acquire additional discounts. Now you earn more from your own sales, and from sub dealers.

Continue to increase sales, work with 3-5 shops in your city and area, and reach sales level necessary for the status of regional dealer. From this point on you receive 50 % discount from the central office and receive high profitability for yourself (50 % of sales) and good profitability from each dealer (20 % on wholesale), and also loans for goods and control of all dealers in the region. Usually, those who persistently and fruitfully work, reach this level within 6 mounths.

The company is interested in sales increase and comprehensively helps its partners during each stage of development. We are ready to give 40%, and 50% discounts since the partner will do more turn-overs, and as much as possible we help you to earn more. Do you want to work with us?

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