Payment by cash

You just give cash to courier who delivered your order.

Advance payment by bank

After your confirmation of the delivery (order and cost) you will receive the final invoice. You can make payment at any bank department. Next day after transfer, the goods will be sent at your address (if there are no other variants). For the fast order processing confirm your payment by phone or by e-mail.

Clearing settlement (only for legal bodies)

If you are legal body, you can choose this method of payment. After discussion of details of the order you receive the account for cashless payment. The goods will be shipped within 1-2 days from the incoming payment. With the goods you also receive the original account , the invoice and a waybill. Do not forget to issue the letter of attorney with the signature of director and the enterprise press on the person who will receive purchase. For the fast order processing confirm your payment by phone or by e-mail and point your order's number.
If you are our regular customer, your order can be sent before transfer.

Payment by COD

You can pay in this way for the purchase at the nearest post office. Tariffs are indicated in section "Delivery".

Payment WebMoney

It is an immediate transaction of money from client's WebMoney wallet  to our web-wallet for the purchase, or bank remittance by any commercial bank. Please, indicate your order number at transaction.
Wallet number: WMZ Z296943701245

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