CISS for photography

To make a photo is like to record eternity. Having had the camera, we can snatch out the most interesting and unexpected episodes from surrounding life and preserve them for ourselves and other people.
Popular photo-exhibitions have tens of thousands of visitors from every corner of the world.

Using the inkjet printer allows printing high-quality photos at home. And use of compatible consumables decreases your costs for each print by 20-30 times.

The difference in quality is usually 2-5 %, it is visible only on large photo formats (À3 + and more).
You can improve image quality even more by using the special driver – ICC profile. The standard ICC profile for your printer model using INKSYSTEM ink and photo paper you can download on our site in special sections. It is possible to simply select in «paper type» an option for a similar type of paper of your printer manufacturer (eg: Epson matte or glossy) and our ICC profile will result with an image of very high quality. Our paper is displayed as "INKSYSTEM matte" or "INKSYSTEM glossy" etc.

You can order an individual ICC profile which will correspond to your printer (emay number). For this purpose it is necessary to print targets (special files) and to send them by mail to the nearest  INKSYSTEM technical support center. More details – in «ICC - profile» section on our site.

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